While Chris Deedy was growing up, Chris’ family moved frequently, giving him an interest in travel and international relations. Originally from Worcester, Massachusetts, they moved to Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, for his father’s employment. The company also took them to live in Tokyo, Japan, for five years, before moving back to Pennsylvania and ultimately home to the Worcester area in 1997.

Attending St. John’s Catholic High School in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, from which he graduated in 2002, Chris excelled in academics and was active in numerous extracurricular activities. He played lacrosse, served in student government, was active in campus ministry, and frequently volunteered to help the community with the Ryken Service Club. He also worked throughout high school, employed to do apartment maintenance and groundskeeping year round, while also teaching snowboarding during the winter.

Chris then attended Tulane University on a partial academic scholarship, where he studied economics, political economy, and history. At Tulane, Chris was an orientation coordinator for new students and continued his volunteerism in community service. At the beginning of his senior year, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and forced many, including Chris, to evacuate. Afterwards, Chris assisted with the rebuilding efforts, volunteered to help complete tax returns for low income families with the IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program, and helped to revitalize public schools in the area.

After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Chris moved to Washington, DC, in 2006, where he worked as an industry analyst for the U.S. Department of Labor. He continued to volunteer, becoming a Project Coordinator at DC Cares and working at the DC Central kitchen. He also continued his education and passion for international studies, taking courses at The Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and learning Arabic through DC Internationals. Soon after moving to DC, Chris also met Stephanie, his future wife, while playing in an office softball league.

In 2009, Chris joined the U.S. Department of State’s Diplomatic Security Service, the law enforcement arm of the Foreign Service. Chris’ professional goal was to work in law enforcement to help protect innocent people. Driven by his love of travel and international relations and his personal sense of duty to serve, the Diplomatic Security Service was a perfect fit for Chris. Basic training for DSS was rigorous and thorough, covering a wide span of applicable topics and law enforcement officer training.

After graduation from the Basic Special Agent Course, Chris began working as a Special Agent in the Washington Field Office. There, he conducted passport and visa fraud investigations, including several joint investigations with local police departments and other federal agencies. Dedicated to his investigations, Chris received an award from the Maryland U.S. Attorney’s Office as a lead investigator in a multi-person identity document fraud scheme. He also served on numerous protective details for visiting foreign dignitaries, as well as on a two-month temporary assignment to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s protective detail. In 2010 Chris earned an agency Extra Mile Award for continuous service with limited rest through harsh conditions, and received personal letters of gratitude from several foreign ministers.

In February 2010 and March 2011 Chris volunteered for temporary tours of duty in Baghdad, Iraq and Benghazi, Libya. In both instances, Chris’s duties included serving on personal protection teams, escorting U.S. diplomats into high risk areas to ensure their safety and well-being. Libya in particular was a difficult mission. During that time, Chris and his colleagues were there without diplomatic status in an active war zone, with limited access to food, sleep, and communication. Afterwards, he received letters of gratitude from the new Libyan government and U.S. Special Envoy Christopher Stevens (later named Ambassador and killed in the 9/11/12 terrorist attacks) and the Department of State gave Chris a Meritorious Honor Award for his “dedication and professionalism displayed in support of the protection operations for the designated U.S. Special Representative to the Libyan Transitional National Council, John C. Stevens, and the attached Department of State/U. S. Agency for International Development officers that accompanied him to Benghazi, Libya.”

Directly following his deployment to Iraq, Chris married Stephanie in February, 2011. Three weeks later, Chris was unexpectedly deployed to Libya.  After the Libya deployment, Chris again volunteered to serve as part of the Asian Pacific Economic Conference in Hawaii. It was during this temporary duty assignment that Chris was attacked and compelled to use deadly force to protect himself and others.  His arrest and the charges have caused a massive emotional and financial burden on Chris and Stephanie.  His entire life is in the balance and their lives have come to a halt under the threat of decades in a state prison.