Deedy Testimony – Day 2

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Christopher Deedy was back on the stand Wednesday.

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Chris picked up where he left off–talking about the time that led up to the deadly-force encounter with Elderts. He described in vivid detail what he saw and what he felt as the situation escalated. At one point Chris even took off his suit jacket, laid down on the ground and re-enacted the final moments where Elderts straddled him, was punching him in the head and trying to take his gun away.

Chris’ testimony continued with what transpired after the fatal shot, including how he got up and walked away dazed for a moment. He then turned back to provide “Tactical Combat Casualty Care” and followed his training to try to keep Elderts alive. Chris also talked about what happened when the police and ambulance arrived, and how he was subsequently arrested and taken to the hospital. He described how evidence was taken from his person and what happened at the police station in the hours that followed.

The prosecution began their cross-examination of Chris, focusing on the firearms and deadly force language in the State Department regulations. The theme they seemed to be following before the judge called a recess at the end of the day was whether or not Chris had observed a crime and whether or not he could have run away from the situation. Testimony is expected to resume at 9:00am Hawaii time/3:00pm Eastern time.

You can read more about the testimony here:

Deedy Trial – Should A Federal Agent Have Left Before Violence Erupted?
Prosecutor pushes Deedy on why he didn’t walk away

You can watch the live feeds here:

You can also follow a Twitter stream, which you can see using hashtag #DeedyTrial

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7 Responses to "Deedy Testimony – Day 2"

  1. pilot Posted on August 8, 2013 at 11:26 am

    Our society is in serious trouble if we have gotten to the point that a law enforcement officer is expected to walk away from a problem. I wonder if the prosecutor, if she was being verbally or physically abused (or assaulted), would want a cop to walk away. Also, when you threaten to “F#%^& someone up, display aggression, and have the capacity to follow through on that threat, you have or are committing an assault. You dont have to touch someone, although, in this case, as is clear in the video, Elderts and Mederios clearly subsequently assaulted and beat both Deedy and his friend.

  2. Priscilla Posted on August 8, 2013 at 7:08 pm

    If he didn’t have his gun, would he have been brave enough to confront a bully and identify himself as a federal officer? I don’t think so. When he heard the McDonald’s security officer had called the police, he should’ve waited for them to defuse the situation. He was full of booze and carried a gun, which boosted his own self-importance and he killed an unarmed man who was beating the crap out of him. As a trained federal officer, he should’ve been able to protect himself without using deadly force. He claims Elderts “countered” his move, how????? What training did Elderts have? Deedy should be found guilty of manslaughter and should not be acquitted.

    • Jim Posted on August 10, 2013 at 10:21 pm

      ” He claims Elderts “countered” his move, how????? What training did Elderts have? ”

      Priscilla, I hope you dont actually think like this. If I see you on the street, harass you, and then beat the living shit out of you i really hope your line of thinking is closer to “this guy is trying to kill me, im going to stop him.” instead of “OMG HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? HOW DID HE STOP MY PUNCH HOW INTERESTING???! I WONDER IF MY TRAINING IS WORKING? etc etc etc”

      If my point isnt clear to someone like you let me explain

      When your life is in danger, you protect your life. There is no, “oh well how do I walk away camly? Oh my training is better, oh how did he counter my move I am an officer.”

      There is only the instinct to live. You likely dont know this because you have never had to fight for your life, or anything I assume.

  3. pilot Posted on August 9, 2013 at 1:10 am

    There is absolutely no evidence that he (Deedy) was under the influence of alcohol (full of booze). Three or four beers over five or six hours would not impair someone, particularly when two meals are consumed. The only two unbiased and credible witnesses in that regard were the doctor and nurse who treated him at Queens hospital. (The photos taken by the HPD evidence technician and the video of him walking normally also support that position). They (hospital staff with no interest in this case) both testified unequivocally that he was not impaired. Deedy himself would be biased, the police officers and evidence technician did not see fit to include his sobriety on their reports until much later and only then when prompted to do so. Their testimony is suspect if not outright perjurious. After all, if they saw that he was so impaired, why would they continue to allow him to perform life saving measures on Elderts? Being a federal law enforcement officer doesnt make you superman. Elderst outweighed Deedy by 30-40 lbs and was a mixed martial arts kine guy that liked to fight. Just ask the six cops who had to arrest him in Kailua a few years ago. Finally, if you bothered to actually watch any of the testimony, you would have heard Deedy explain that when Elderts first assaulted him, he employed a defensive kick to try to keep him off of him. A MMA guy would know how to counter by trying to catch his foot or leg.

    • j Posted on August 21, 2013 at 4:08 pm

      So are you considering every kid who watches wrestling, mma, football or other equally violent sports event on TV is somehow ‘trained’ to counter an officially trained federal employee? A lot of how you counter someone’s attack is observed and/or common sense maneuvering. Deedy kicked first–why is Elderts not allowed to claim self defense??? Is one human being’s life worth more than another? Absolutely no one that testified on behalf of either the prosecution or the defense can attest to witnessing Deedy identify himself as a law enforcement officer either visually or verbally…no one heard or saw him proclaim his identity–why would anyone believe that a guy in an untucked dress shirt, rolled up sleeves, cargo shorts and slippers and potentially exhibiting signs of impairment would be an official of the law? If Deedy saw during his assessing and reassessing of the totality of the situation, why did he not notice that his supposed statement of identity was not getting the reaction it deserved? If I am a law enforcement officer trying to get control of the situation and I notice that noone recognized my authoritative position, I would repeat myself louder, more clearly, until I get the appropriate effect by the crowd! And I sure would hope after shooting a man it would shock you into sobriety. Whether or not deedy was impaired AFTER the shooting is not nearly as important as whether or not he was impaired BEFORE the shooting occured as one would presume impairment prior to an action would affect said action. And if the action was of a deadly nature, my focus would be on impairment prior to and during the deadly action–not AFTER. And exactly how credible are Jessica and Adam?? You mean to tell me that you don’t recall ragging on your frat buddy for sipping a single beer at each of the establishments you went to for supposed ‘craziness’?? It didn’t appear odd to you enough to make a single lighthearted comment along the lines of “what a pansy?! c’mon drink up!” Even if it was met with ‘i got work tomorrow, or, i’m pooped and shouldn’t be drinking, or, i’ve got a loaded gun and its probably not in your or Jessica’s best interest or anyone’s for that matter, for me to be drinking heavily while strapped’…I think you’d remember something remarkable as that. that would seem more credible than ‘i was drunk, i dont remember how many he drank’….nice cover up…but, I don’t buy it…and I sure hope the jury sees through it!

      • Chris Posted on August 23, 2013 at 4:32 am

        Nowhere in his post did he say or even remotely imply “every kid who watches wrestling, mma, football or other equally violent sports event on TV is somehow ‘trained’ to counter an officially trained federal employee?”

        You have set up a wonderful strawman and knocked it down. Congrats. Now try to address his ACTUAL points.

        “If I was a law enforcement officer.”
        Lets all just take a moment and thank our lucky stars that you are not :).
        Maybe what YOU would do as an officer is irrelevant because you ARENT a law enforcement officer.

        “Why cant Elderts claim self-defense?”
        …….really…..are you asking for a dead guy to claim self-defense? Eldert’s isn’t on trial in case you were wondering….. Lol you arent exactly versed in law hmm lolol….

        Also he was high on marijuana, cocaine, and alcohol and alledgedly attacked a law enforcement officer. Not sure “self defense” is the way to go buddy.

        “Is one human being’s life worth more than another? ”
        This question has no relevance and its almost laughable that you even were able to type that out. No one has ever said that Eldert’s life was any less important and nothing has indicated as such.

        “You mean to tell me that you don’t recall ragging on your frat buddy for sipping a single beer at each of the establishments you went to for supposed ‘craziness’??”
        Maybe YOU have given people a hard time for not drinking a lot, but myself and many others do not find “ragging” on their friends for not doing something they dont want to very fun. Please try to refrain for projecting your own experiences on to my own.

        With now 5 (that I have seen on a quick glance) logical fallacies in your post, I can only conclude that you arent that interested in remaining unbiased in this case.

  4. j Posted on August 26, 2013 at 2:44 pm

    1. he called him “mixed martial arts ‘kine’ guy”…implying he for some reason thinks Elderts was trained. looking at Elderts’ build from the video, he appears slightly overweight and certainly no where near as trained as Deedy’s credentials imply. Counterance of Deedy’s actions shows, if anything, that Deedy’s training was for not. strawman still standing.
    2. yes, if “I” was a law enforcement officer. I pride myself on being rational, level headed, NOT impulsive, and responnsive (NOT reactive)so yes, I think in that aspect I would be a fair (meaning neutral, not mediocre, so I may clarify for you before you impulsively attack my diction) law enforcement officer that would respond commensurately with a crowd that appeared to ignore my initial attempt to gain control of the situation (identification) and would it have really hurt for Deedy to identify himself again just to make sure. You sound way too happy about Deedy’s choice of actions (in your ridiculing tone towards me) so let’s all just take a moment and thank our lucky stars that YOU are not an LEO.
    3. why couldn’t Elderts claim self-defense IN THE MOMENT…the moment after Deedy approached a seated Elderts, exchanged words that in turn Elderts responded to by standing (aka defending himself) and which Deedy all of a sudden is threatened by when a civilian responds to his own actions and kicks/physically aggresses/strikes Elderts first. Are we to truly believe that Elderts should not have responded? That would support everyone in McDs testimony that no one heard or saw Deedy identify his position of authority. As you very well know, it has not been proven that Deedy identified himself as a law enforcement officer so it would make sense if a man is met with another man’s kick, he would respond commensurately.
    3.5 The medical examiner identified that cocain breaks down rapidly in the body, having a very short half-life and testified that the amounts were small, and the traces were extracted from the retina (or some other part of the eye) indicating the cocaine was consumed at least 12 or potentially more hours before the incident at McDs. So while he had traces of cocaine in his body, the alcohol (a barbituate) paired with the marijuana (a depressent), would in effect relax a person, and not heighten. So, wait, what was your point again? It sounded, by your condescending almost humorous tone as if you were placing a value on Elderts different and seemingly lower than Deedy. hypocrite.
    4.see 3.5
    5. I along with the majority of the American population would rag on, comment or at least make a mental note that my friend, whom I met in college, a place where ‘craziness’ and overconsumption of alcohol is not only anticipated, but expected of frat members, havent seen for sometime, and had agreed to participate in a night of ‘craziness’ was UNDERconsuming alcohol and in effect not holding up his end of the ‘craziness’ deal. Yeah, I would posit that Adam, a seemingly average American, might have a thought or two about that.

    Now I have no quippy conculsion statement as I do not revel in identifying others’ idiocy as my only goal is to make an informed opinion and not a mockery of others.

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