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Our Indiegogo fundraiser campaign has come to a close, and while we only made about 25% of our goal, it’s going to help Chris out significantly.


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Since January 21st, has been viewed 10,500 times by 2,371 people in 88 countries and our Facebook page has been “liked” by 204 people.

We would like to thank the 109 individuals who contributed to our campaign to help Chris with his legal battle. We talked with him yesterday and he let us know how grateful he is for all of your support. He said the trial is currently scheduled to start on April 2nd, but with the amount of preparation that needs to be done by both sides, it’s improbable that it will start on time. This means Chris will most likely be in Hawaii longer than expected, which means the $12,737 we raised will be vital to offsetting his cost of living in Honolulu.

He’s going to burn up what little leave he has and will have to go on leave without pay (LWOP) until the trial is over. Since he won’t be working, he won’t have any income and he’ll need all the help we can give him.

We are happy to report that his professional liability insurance company, Admiral (which is the AFSA insurance plan) decided to pay his claim. His coverage, however, was only enough to cover half his bills and he will still have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars out of pocket.

We understand that our fundraiser time from was very short, since we were trying to get the money to Chris in time for his trip to Hawaii. That said, if you weren’t able to donate over the last 30 days but still want to help Chris out, we’ve changed the “donate” links over to a direct PayPal donation.

Please check back often and subscribe for updates, as our work to support Chris Deedy isn’t over. He still has a long road ahead of him and we want to keep you all informed about his progress.

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