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Our fundraising campaign to help Christopher Deedy with his trial expenses will wrap up in less than three days, so we thought we would take a few minutes to tell you how we got started and our plans for after the campaign ends.


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A few months ago, a small group was sitting around at lunch time, having the usual “follow car talk.” A couple of us who are friends with Chris were telling the others about a motion that Chris has lost and how he couldn’t afford to pay for an appeal of the ruling.

Those who didn’t know Chris were floored. They hadn’t heard anything about him since his arrest hit the news (and the rumor mill) almost a year prior. They had no idea what his status was, that he was actually going to trial and that the support he was receiving was not at the level they expected. As a result we decided to put Chris’ story out there where people could read about it and have a better understanding of what happens after a lethal-force situation.

Even though the fundraising campaign will end in very soon, we will continue to provide a place for updates as Chris’s trial approaches and while it is in session. With any luck, our hopes and prayers will be answered and we won’t have any more work to do when it’s over!

We have already touched on some important topics like professional liability insurance and Simmons Protection, and we have some other topics in the queue to present, but we’d like to turn the discussion over to you:

What else would you like us to post about?

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