Judge Ahn Denies Deedy’s Motions to Dismiss

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On April 20, 2015 a hearing was held on Chris Deedy’s motions to dismiss all charges in his upcoming September, 2015 trial.

Judge Ahn denied the first of four motions, known as the Moriwake motion, arguing that it was in the public’s interest to try the case again and saying it is also likley that the prosecutors would be able to obtain a conviction if Chris is tried a third time. While in court, the judge did not rule on or discuss the remaining three motions, related to double jeopardy prohibitions. The following week, she issued an order denying the remaining three motions but declined to offer any justification on her ruling.

Chris’s team will fight Judge Ahn’s rulings in the Hawaii Intermediate Court of Appeals. The process will take an estimated 18 months, but Chris and his team are confident that the judges in the Intermediate Court of Appeals will follow the law and grant his motions to dismiss the new, pending charges. In the meantime, the September trial will be postponed. Chris will remain on bail, under its limitations including restricted travel and employment activities, if and when the case is dismissed.

You can read a Hawaiian news report about the decisions here: http://www.staradvertiser.com/news/breaking/20150424_Judge_rules_Deedy_must_stand_trial_a_third_time.html?id=301288681

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