The Current Status of Chris Deedy’s Case – April 2015

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A hearing on dismissal motions in Chris Deedy’s trial is scheduled for April 20, 2015.

Chris’ second trial ended on August 14th, with the jury finding him not guilty of murder by way of self defense.  Unfortunately, the acquittal will not mean the end of Chris’s battles in that courtroom.  During the final phase of the trial before jury deliberations, Judge Ahn added new charges for the jury to consider, despite the fact that she previously ruled at the first trial that those charges were not applicable and acquitted him on all lesser charges.  The deputy prosecutor herself argued to the jury that Chris was not guilty of the new included charges.  Three members of the jury deadlocked on those lesser charges, due to questions about the jury instructions that the judge would not answer.    Following the murder acquittal, the judge scheduled a new trial to be held in September 2015 on those new, uncharged offenses.

Meanwhile, Chris remains out on bail.

In November, Chris’s legal team filed motions to dismiss the new charges based on double jeopardy, collateral estoppal, and abandonment issues.  A hearing was set for March by Judge Ahn to decide on the motions.  In February, the judge held a status conference in which she informed both parties that she had not bothered to read any of the motions, was experiencing a stress related illness due to the case, and would like to either push the hearing back until after undergoing a procedure for the ailment or have the case reassigned to a new judge.

Chris’s legal team filed a request to have a new judge assigned to the case, but that request was denied.

Subsequently, the hearing on the dismissal motions was rescheduled to April 20.  If Judge Ahn does not grant the motions, Chris will file an appeal.  Chris’s battles in criminal court will likely end with the appellate panel, but only after an estimated 18 months more of legal proceedings.

See below for links to articles on the topics referenced above, including a survey of over 2600 local readers done by the major Hawaiian news channel.  The poll found that the large majority of respondents, greater than 80%, believe that Chris should not be tried again.

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