The Defense Has Rested Their Case

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Chris’ defense team rested their case on Thursday and the jury will return in a week to hear instructions and closing arguments.

The prosecution continued their cross-examintation of Chris until just after lunch, focusing on the wording in the State Department Firearms Policy, whether Chris could have sat with Perrine instead of talking to Elderts and whether or not any crimes had been committed before Chris and Adam were attacked.

After the prosecution finished cross-examination, Chris’ attorneys called a retired police lieutenant to testify that Elderts had a history of fighting with police. The judge had ruled that evidence was admissible based on the facts that had been brought up in Chris’ testimony.

The police lieutenant was the final witness and the defense rested their case after he spoke. The judge informed the jury that they should return on Thursday, August 15th in order to hear closing arguments and their instructions. They will then begin their deliberations.

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Defense Rests in Deedy Murder Trial

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  1. kimobama Posted on August 13, 2013 at 3:01 pm

    Deborah Morel- Blog #1089—–(Part-2-Deedy chronicles)’ When Time Stands Still’—— “In less than 11 months’ time, between February 2010 and November 2010, Mr. Kollin K. Elderts was Charged and/or Convicted of at least 7 Traffic Crimes, some serious, including: Guilty Plea of DUI/Impairment–determined by Breathalyzer Noncompliance with Speed, Seat Belt Requirement, Failure to Surrender Plates, and Driving With Suspended/Revoked License.” Read more;

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