Update on Chris Deedy’s Case – July, 2016

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In May of 2015, Chris Deedy began the process of appealing Judge Ahn’s decision to hold a third trial.  As the process progressed, Chris and his legal team decided to request a transfer of his appeal to the Hawaii Supreme Court.  This was done, in part, so that the prosecutor’s office would not be able to appeal a dismissal of the case, which would have been possible if the case remained in the Intermediate Court of Appeals.  On May 13, 2016 the Hawaii Supreme Court accepted transfer of Chris’s case.

There is no standard time frame for how long the court will take to review the case, but it is estimated to take at least one year. Chris and his team are confident that the judges in the Hawaii Supreme Court will follow the law and grant his motions to dismiss the pending charges from the third trial, which were already settled in the first and second trials. In the meantime, Chris will remain on bail, under its limitations, which include restricted travel and employment activities, until the case concludes.

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